We provide marine developers and regulatory bodies consultancy
advice on marine ecological issues based on scientifically
robust principles and understanding.

Expert Advice

Our consultancy team hold considerable knowledge of issues surrounding impacts of human activities on marine ecological communities and are considered industry leaders in subjects ranging from survey design, biogenic habitats and biotope mapping. As a testament to our expertise we are frequently requested to provide expert advice relating to marine activities from both the developer’s and regulator’s point of view.

This advice is delivered through our inclusion on Expert Topic Groups (ETGs) for large-scale Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) and on behalf of the regulatory bodies through advisory frameworks.

Key Consultancy Services

  • Ecological and Environmental Impact Assessment (EcIA & EIA)
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessment
  • Preparation of Environmental Statement (ES) chapters
  • Design of marine monitoring and mitigation programmes
  • Compliance with conditions of marine licences and regulation
  • Development of best practice guidance for assessing marine habitats and species
  • Technical reporting
  • Environmental Quality Control (QC) and review