We operate a leading NMBAQC scheme participating laboratory
analysing macrobenthic samples collected from across the globe.

Fit-For Purpose Facilities

Our dedicated team of benthic taxonomists process thousands of macrobenthic samples annually on behalf of both marine developers and regulatory bodies. All macrobenthic analysis is conducted at our purpose-built laboratory facilities in the UK designed to facilitate highly-efficient sample processing and reduced lead times for our clients.

Our macrobenthic data is generated and stored within our cloud-based data management system ‘ABACUS’ that integrates a live link to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS). This ensures our taxonomists work with the most up to date and authoritative list of species names available in real time.

Key Resources

We have also built a substantial reference collection of specimens of all unique taxa identified for every project completed to date. This collection of thousands of taxa is continually updated and acts as a pivotal tool in ensuring that all of our taxonomists work to the same standards. This, alongside access to our extensive collection of taxonomic keys and the efficient sample tracking functionality provided by ABACUS, enables our taxonomists to process high volumes of samples while maintaining the highest quality standards.